The Setup screen will appear. The bottom two thirds start of black, slowly get brighter and brighter, until the are white, or a random collection of brightly coloured lines. Hi, I have a problem with my replacement laptop screen. Please help and thank you so much..! I tried order the part and fixing it myself. Shan April 27, Take a closer look at the laptop screen under bright light.

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Did you get any image on the toshiba a205-s4607 screen, I mean on the undamaged area? Try reconnecting video cable on the motherboard. Now my laptop is totally turns white. I checked to make sure tsohiba two cables are tight and tozhiba. Was the new screen compatible with your Sony laptop? After toshiba a205-s4607 cables and powering up, it switches from gray, grayscale, red, green, blue, toshiba a205-s4607 then white to black 4 times quickly. Ryan February 14, I almost think even though the screens this company is sending me have the same connectors, they are wrong.

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Batterie ordinateur portable

I attempted to fix toshiba a205-s4607 laptop screen as well. So am I getting faulty screens, incompatible screens, or is there something else wrong. Did you make sure that your new screen is compatible with your Sony laptop?

I am asking, because the Acer one will cost toshiba a205-s4607 the amount of a new one from Ebay. Now im gonna order cable.

Erich hochstuhl June 2, Hi all, I want to ask a question. But this makes me have hope, so I will get a toshiba a205-s4607 screen as fast as possible and try this out!!!!

Push on the power button and and hold down toshiba a205-s4607 F8 key. Contact the seller and replace the screen with another one.

It works fine now. Thanks a bunch, really appreciate. Could it be that I have toshiba a205-s4607 install a new Driver for the new screen? Remove the keyboard and reconnect the cable. I ordered exact Dell part new for LCD that includes inverter. My son hit toshiba a205-s4607 laptop screen from the back and the original one shattered.

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BIOS Setup / BIOS settings — access instructions

Does it go into BIOS with the hard drive removed? If reconnecting the cable fixes the video problem, toshiba a205-s4607 you have to do is replace the broken hinges. Maybe you accidentally pulled the cable from the toshiba a205-s4607 while taking apart the display panel?

I ordered the same model as the one that broke, connected it, but after 1 second of powering my pc shutdown. Can you see image on the external monitor? In general, is there a way to make sure that the Acer screen is compatible before I buy it?

Disconnect the new LCD and install the old damaged one back in place. The toshiba a205-s4607 screen has a slot on each side of the adapter. Just please give me your price. I have a toshiba satellite au i have replaced the screen when i booted toshiba a205-s4607 to check it went fine i then put the laptop back together switched on no screen toshiba a205-s4607 black took apart again rechecked coonections all seemed fine still no screen moved the laptop and tried again this time it booted ok but again later i booted toshiba a205-s4607 screen.

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Unplug the LCD cable from the motherboard and start the laptop with an external monitor. Robert November 14, I have toshiba a205-s4607 the screen as it was cracked, the new screen lights up but only get horizontal lines although computer works fine with the tv as a monitor. Any help toshiba a205-s4607 be greatly appreciated…I am in deep trouble due to this problem. When prompted to, press the F1 key.

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