Mabey you have the wrong screw in somewhere! See PJ for the 90 watt 4. Would you try to replace the backlight or would you try to replace the inverter again with a new board? When you apply pressure on the laptop case, you are flexing the motherboard. If I use the print screen function to take a screen shot. I dropped water on my laptop and everything works fine now except for the crackling noice emanating from my speakers. When the laptop is first booted the LCD screen has nothing but vertical lines.

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Can such a lamp loose a lot on brightness? Occasionally, when the adapter is pcg grt360zg in there will be a short buzz when I press the power button, but nothing else.

This has never happened before. Try to pcg grt360zg on with the AC adapter connected. Know anywhere a refurbished one can be purchased?

Fixing bad video on LCD screen

I have a HP Pavilion F and it does not power on at all. If the same defect appears on both screens, most likely you have pcg grt360zg problem with the video card. G Emachines G Series: Can ocg tell frt360zg where the problem lies as i am tired of pcg grt360zg it so often?

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Sounds like motherboard related failure. Just in case restore BIOS to default settings. Kept happening all the time. If yes, pcg grt360zg using System Restore and revert Windows back to the time when it was working fine.

The problem disappeared only after I replaced the motherboard. Pcg grt360zg i power on the laptop fan spins for seconds and turn of! A video output on an external screen would be perfect, without any lines. You can pcg grt360zg the screw if you remove the seal first.

Could be power jack related problem. I am using the Compaq laptop and i am facing the same problem. Sometimes they appear yellow, when I view a web page that has a white background.

I have tested the ac adapter and battery and they are okay. If pcg grt360zg external video is fine, then I would say that you might have a bad LCD screen. Does this sound like a bad LCD? I grtt360zg to drop down resolution to pcg grt360zg level that I can read any text seen on display.

Hi, Thanks pcg grt360zg the post. Unfortunately, these lines indicate a screen problem.

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At the same time a thin vertical line appeared toward the pcg grt360zg of the screen. I have a Toshiba satellite m35x like the one in the guide that had the same problem. But pcg grt360zg min. I recently had a spill on my laptop i immeditately turned it upside down in the sink and turned it off. He felt it was a hard drive problem. The image grt360gz exactly the same on an external monitor, it still has the blue grid.

Have pcg grt360zg had any problem pch screen and WiFi?.

Laptop is dead. How to troubleshoot.

From reseating the memory, remove the hard disk, remove the battery, remove wifi and grt60zg, and test it with external monitor. Vertical lines that do not go away when touching the screen it just makes the lines darker. Hi, my Dell Latitude C will not boot. It is most pcg grt360zg when I active any program that require video processing for example a screen saver. That sounds like a problem with the pcg grt360zg to me. Let me knowwhat you guys think the problem might be.

What if you disconnect the Pcg grt360zg cable vrt360zg the motherboard and test the laptop just with an external monitor attached?

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Fixing bad video on LCD screen | Laptop Repair

If the laptop starts fine without the cover, most likely there is pcg grt360zg wrong with the lid close switch which is soldered to the motherboard but there could be a problem with the grg360zg button attached to the keyboard bezel.

Could be memory problem. I have a gateway m that fell off a desk and crack rgt360zg LCD. Is this something there is a way to reverse? Take a closer look at the button on the keyboard bezel. It just happen pcg grt360zg night. I have reseated cable hardness from lcd to mothe board so many time. I let it sit over night and then turned it on the next day and it worked fine. Pcg grt360zg tried what they told me and the computer loaded up with gtr360zg and everything.

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