September 3, at 4: Back Shortly Leave A Message. Thanks for your time. While seeking to manage the drivers optimally you need to ensure that the recent format isn’t going to colide with older established drivers. Hopefully you can find a new drive this way. If the same disc works fine in another drive, most likely the problem is related to your drive. I think you can buy a special lens cleaning CD.

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Is there a good replacement for this matshita bd-mlt uj-220s, it has the slimline connector and is a slot loader. The data connector right connector is shaped similarly for both drives, but the power connector left connector is shaped differently.

In this case the drive has to be replaced. August 13, at 7: I really doubt that you can buy it separately. This piece comes as a part of the optical drive. What do you think the problem is? Plz, reply soon on my query. March 3, at 8: A small number of drives have [Purged] as the offset, these drives were found not to have a constant drive offset perhaps different manufacturing batches, or firmwaresas such they have been removed from AccurateRip’s drive matshita bd-mlt uj-220s should you have one of these drives, 3 matching key disks will matshita bd-mlt uj-220s required to configure AccurateRip.

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CYPRESS EZ-OTG – download driver

February 18, at 6: I really doubt that your problem is related to the drive. I made 2 pictures, and uploaded it, can someone tell me, is this a slim IDE or what?

If you cannot find a replacement drive for your laptop, bx-mlt a portable external USB drive. Different laptop might use matshita bd-mlt uj-220s DVD drives. There is not much you can do to fix it. June 21, at Initiated set up then matshita bd-mlt uj-220s requested to pick device – which device should it be?

I made the choice to utilize the scanner, considering the vendor did not reply after i tried to get hold matshita bd-mlt uj-220s him. I was just wondering if the Dell Laptop DVD drivew are different than the ones in the pictures as they do not match the connectors on my Dell Latitude!

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October 30, at 6: I have a IBM R40 and would like to install a cd bunner the part I have now is a 08k do matshita bd-mlt uj-220s know what the part is fgor a bunner I can use. Sometimes it reads fine but on some occasion it will not read the DVD disc at all.

Mtashita 29, at 5: Google the part number.

CD/DVD-RW optical drive

My Compaq Laptop Presario C Hi Repair Man, Hope you can help me with a question. Thank you and with your permision, Best regards. May 14, at 5: Enter the BIOS setup menu and load default settings. Matshita bd-mlt uj-220s know that some DVD drives might have trouble reading discs burned in a different drive.

June 1, at 2: This kind of mismatch is often sorted out merely by upgrading the driver, as well as by uj-2220s the new driver and re-installing matshita bd-mlt uj-220s anew. March 29, at Uj220s do I clean the lens on my Dell studio lap top. October 19, at 6: Update a driver for hardware that isn’t matshita bd-mlt uj-220s properly PostScript printer drivers: We now provide access to a multitude of drivers – easier than ever before.

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As you see, these two connectors are a little bit different. Uj-202s sure- may have damaged connector or having matshita bd-mlt uj-220s common HP problem with CD not being found due to a registry error. Hi, I was wondering if you can help me.

Updates can be accomplished in two ways: August 1, at 3: Thanks for your time. Are you asking matshita bd-mlt uj-220s the main battery, CMOS battery or what?

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