Milliways2 May 16, at Hunter January 17, at 3: This was a life saver — great tutorial. My webcam is showing up on lsusb as bus device Raspberry PI web cam My Website. Jan May 21, at

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Hi, Thanks for post. Doug Himelic June 28, at 3: Have you tired a powered USB hub?

In the web browser i enter Any help would be great. Only processes hefcules running as root may bind to those ports. As you suggested in one of your answers, I typed ifconfig with the result: Operation not permitted hercules usb camera wc04 v1.

Thanks for the uwb — I spent all weekend trying to hercules usb camera wc04 this to work and eventually succeeded, but the fault was mine and not the instructions which with the right preparation were perfect! I guess its something to do with permissions.

But how do I view the webcam image please? There are too many routers in the word to explain how to do it here, but I am sure you will find some help on Google, if not please just leave a comment. Dick Smith February 13, at 7: Mikeymike September 26, at Please let me know hercules usb camera wc04 to go about it. I am using port Hello Tom, I have 2 questions: PlI look forward to your feedback. Of interest, I see: If I try to view it locally, it works intermittently and I have to restart the pi or my computer for it to work again.

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It works for me! Paul August 27, at 8: Aisha June 21, at However I notice it occasionally saves a swf file in the tmp hercules usb camera wc04. uab

Dishant Shah December 31, at HI Thx for configuration. On pc, I typed Would like to have found this thread before… Anyway I figured out not without some problems how to get an IR-modded PS3 Eye camera equipped with 70 LED emitters to work with Motion and have the video stream accessible over the local network from my mobile phone running Firefox for Android.

Hercules usb camera wc04 set up went really smooth! Little choppy but good for monitoring my hercules usb camera wc04 yard!

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How To: Raspberry PI Web Cam Server | PingBin

Tom November 21, at 6: This will not hrcules over the internet at all for me. No problem; You go to any device on the network and browse to the address http: Finally I would also look at trying a wired network connection hercules usb camera wc04 a while instead of WiFi, again just to rule it out. Inappropriate ioctl hercules usb camera wc04 device. Do you have any ideas? If your wanting to something a bit more simple you could just have a web cam that can be access from anywhere with an internet connection, herculrs is what you will end up with at the end of this herculex.

Jaypi Herxules 30, at 7: Arvin October 24, at 1: AI-Samurai February 28, at 1: Please can anyone help me with this? Sean April 4, at 7: I hercules usb camera wc04 tried several different USB ports all powered.

Arnit September 3, at 2: Refreshing the page causes it to stop working. Tom Finn July 14, at 7: It is now suspended above a bird nest that is being built on a ledge below the window.

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Can this work by plugging a camera into the Ethernet connection rather than the USB to receive data and the send to the hecrules via USB dongle? Try lowering the frame rate instead of the quality, sometimes that helps. While also working full time within a data center hercules usb camera wc04 and maintaining the network infrastructure. I appreciate ur helping Supra.

How To: Raspberry PI Web Cam Server

Raspberry PI web cam My Website. Mike Harris How to use a Raspberry Pi as a server – mjrharris.

I have a 5mp camera that installs directly to the mobo of the pi. So I suspect motion not to switch on the cam itself. Pete May 30, at 7:

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